Storyberry Series – Astronomy

This book is available to read online by making any contribution to the corporation’s foundation. Access to read this book for FREE. Scroll down and click on the book image to read.

The foundation spend paid volunteer hours in construction, development and keeping landforms clean –

  • Each year volunteers travel to areas where they have identify needs to maintain healthy lifestyles. These locations should have already been identified to maintaining and improving their lifestyles.
  • Developing working estates within walking proximity by constructing living spaces close to their jobs and industries.
  • Providing real estates with facilities necessary for family to live and spend their monetary funds in those areas and locations.
  • Educating families from different background to live together and socialize while ending their education and acquiring.
  • Businesses, schools, universities all benefits from these proximity settings as they also travel to similar corporate or other affiliated locations having permanently owned properties, working and studying as they rotate from one location to another.





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